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For our dealer program we are offering both our Dual-Clip Protos-M® holsters, and our Open-Belt™ gun belt. Both of which are top of their class.




Our Dual-Clip Protos-M® holsters all feature both our patented Dri-Matrix™ breathable backers and our patent-pending 3/4 Hybrid™ plastic shell, making them some of the best performing concealed carry holsters available on the market today!

Our Dri-Matrix™ breathable backers are made of a combination of cushioning foam, 3D mesh, leather, suede, and more. They wick moisture away from your body, and the 3D meshes promote airflow, preventing heat and sweat buildup underneath your holster.

Our backers also have a polymer moisture barrier that sits directly behind your gun to protect it from that moisture. That way, no corrosion-causing moisture can condense on your gun.


3/4 Hybrid™

Our patent-pending 3/4 Hybrid™ gives your holster the solid, consistent retention of a rigid full kydex holster, without sacrificing the unmatched comfort of a hybrid!

The way we can do that is by wrapping the plastic shell around the backside of the trigger guard, so the trigger guard is completely covered by the plastic shell, front and back.



The Open-Belt™ is the ultimate belt for daily use whether you carry a firearm or not. It is slim, low-profile, stiff enough to support all your daily carry gear, and flexible enough for all day-day comfort!

The belting material is a synthetic coated webbing that is resistant to water, chemicals, heat, cold, and just about anything else you can throw at it! It won't stretch or warp like leather, and will last far longer than an equivalent leather belt. Despite its incredible performance, oar coated webbing still looks dressy enough to fit in anywhere from the office to the workshop to the backcountry.

The buckle is machined from billet T6 6061 aluminum, and hard coat anodized, so, like the webbing, will last you a lifetime. The buckle is an entirely new design from us, that is incredibly low-profile and slim, so there's no bulge around the buckle, and it's skinny enough that you don't have to move the the buckle to the side to accommodate appendix carry.