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About us

Black Arch Holsters™, formerly SHTF Gear, was created in 2010, and has been making top quality holsters ever since!

In 2016, we introduced our new flagship holster platform, the Protos-M®, and shortly thereafter, introduced our groundbreaking breathable Dri-Matrix™ backers, making the Protos-M® even better! We firmly believe that it's the best overall, and most comfortable inside the waistband holster on the market today!

Through all of the growth we've seen over the years, we still strive to embody the entrepreneurial spirit that helped us get started. We still only make products that we want to use, be it for daily carry and self-defense, competition shooting, or anything in between.

We've moved to a much larger shop than the spare bedroom we started in, but all of our products are still proudly made in Logan, Utah, USA!