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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

We simply charge what it costs us to ship your order. You can see our current shipping options when placing an order.


When will my order ship?

Orders of ten holsters or less will ship in the same time as our direct-to-consumer sales. You can see current lead times here

For orders of more than ten holsters, we will provide an estimate at the time of your order.


What is the Industry-50 Program?

Industry-50 is our program for employees at participating retail partners to buy our products at a deep discount. Currently, employees can get 50% off of up to two holsters and one belt from us annually. This discount applies to individual items only, not package deals, such as our Protos-M® Concealed Carry Package.


How do I use the Industry-50 Program?

Talk to your point of contact with us (manager, buyer, etc.) to get the email address of our sales rep. He will get your account set up for you. All orders will ship to your shop.