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Why Sell Black Arch Holsters™?

No Minimum Order Quantity

Our dealer terms are designed to work great for dealers of all sizes, whether you're a one person operation, or a large store. As such, we have no minimum order quantity, so you can keep low inventory, and do special orders for specific customers.


Fast Lead Times and Low Inventory

We've always built our around short lead times, because it's good for the consumer, but it's even better for a retailer! Thanks to our short turnaround time and no minimum order quantity, you can operate with very small inventory, freeing up valuable shelf and storage space.


High Margins

In order to give a great option for dealers of all sizes, we have a tiered discount system. While the margins we can offer you on small quantity orders are lucrative, larger orders give you even more of a margin. Once you reach the higher tier, all subsequent orders, regardless order size, remain at your higher discount rate.


Packaging and Materials

On top of all of that, we offer attractive, eye catching retail packaging, that will make our holsters stand out from the competition, making them sell fast! We offer additional promotional materials, including catalogs, pamphlets, stickers, and apparel.


Employee Benefits

Our Industry-50 program offers your employees 50% off of up to two holsters and one belt per year. Your store must be a participating retail partner for your employees to qualify.